Health Careers




California's growing and diverse population, coupled with unprecedented high school drop-out rates and looming retirement of experienced professionals, has created a workforce crisis in all health-related fields.

The Inland Coalition is here to help!

The Inland Coalition was established in March 2007 to convene the Health Careers stakeholders in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and the Pomona Valley.

Our goals are to:

  1. Achieve a health workforce that is diverse and community responsive.
  2. Work collectively to identify and facilitate solutions to the educational, social and environmental barriers to a seamless health pipeline.
  3. Support coalition members through information dessemination, training/technical assistance, research and evaluation, policy development, advocacy and coalition building.

Members of the Inland Coalition include K-12, community college and university faculty, hospital and health care agency representatives, county office of education staff, and interested professional organization and community agency representatives.